About Us

The JCC isn't just a building with four walls and a roof. The JCC is a community and lifestyle. We may be physically distancing, but we are proud to be socially connecting. We invite you to a new place to learn, connect, grow and engage. Welcome to the all new Virtual JCC.

Live Streams Access a variety of live programs and classes. Interact with instructors and each other. Virtually join in and share your experience to your own network. The live streams are constantly updated and take place across social media and other platforms.

On-Demand Content Watch and join your favorite classes and programs whenever you want by accessing our on-demand content library. There's something for everyone and new content is being published all the time.

Contribute Do you have a special skill or talent? Do you have a passion to be an influencer? Do you want to help people be engaged and inspired? We’d love to have you host a live stream or submit pre-recorded content. Learn more.

Any Device Virtual JCC can be enjoyed on your desktop computer, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection and you're all set!

It's Free You can access all of Virtual JCC for free by simply logging in. Registering is quick and easy. There is some exclusive premium content for active members.